What exactly is a root canal?2020-04-30T03:47:28-04:00

There is a lot of misunderstanding around what a root canal treatment really is. Some people think a root canal treatment involves cutting out the roots of a tooth. Other think we make the tooth ‘dead’. In fact, most root canal treatments target the pulp tissues. Pulp tissue is a vascular tissue much like skin. It contains blood vessels and nerve fibers. Because of this fact, many people associate a root canal treatment with the ‘removal of the nerve of the tooth’.

The pulp tissues lie in the middle of the roots and crown of the tooth, circulating through the tooth much like plumbing. Most pulp tissues exit the tooth from the very bottom point of the root, or the apex, where they join into circulation with the rest of the body. This junction point where the pulp meets with the gum tissues which surround the roots of the tooth (called the periodontal ligament) is where the root canal treatment typically ends. Root canal treatments are typically indicated if the pulp tissue has become highly inflamed or has even died, both of which can happen following a deep cavity, a trauma to the tooth, a fracture in the tooth, following the placement of a dental restoration, or from advanced periodontal disease.

The periodontal ligament which surrounds the roots of a tooth and holds the tooth into the jaw is also a highly innervated tissue. Sometimes following a root canal treatment the tooth may feel almost bruised to biting pressures due to a temporary irritation of the periodontal ligament. This bruised feeling usually resolves on its own within 3-5 days. Following a root canal treatment, the roots of the tooth remain intact and connected to the living periodontal ligament, just as they were before the root canal treatment. The tooth is alive in this sense just as much as any other tooth in your body.

Does it hurt?2020-04-30T03:49:43-04:00

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding a root canal treatment is that the treatment is painful. Before improvements in technology and in anesthesia, this may have been true. Today, however, root canal treatments can be performed without any pain or discomfort. The specialists at the Root Canal Center of Naples have the training and tools available to make you completely comfortable during treatment. We put your comfort at the front of our minds when any treatment is undertaken. Additional sedation techniques are also available upon request.

In the days following treatment, the level of discomfort can range widely. Most of our patients report little to no discomfort following treatment. What you should expect to experience following treatment will be discussed with you by your Endodontist and depends largely on the degree of inflammation or infection in and around your tooth before you arrive for treatment. Just as if you were to sprain your ankle or break your arm, the treatment provided to you by your Endodontist will allow the body to start the process of healing, but this healing may not be without some discomfort. If indicated, your provider at the Root Canal Center of Naples will prescribe medications to make you comfortable during this healing process.

How long does treatment typically take?2020-04-30T03:52:49-04:00

Most root canal therapies can be completed in 45-75 minutes, however this can vary depending on the degree of difficulty and location of the tooth. Your Endodontist will discuss this with you and answer any additional questions you may have before starting treatment.

Will I need antibiotics?2020-02-25T19:44:18-05:00

The doctors at the Root Canal Center of Naples will prescribe to you antibiotics if they are indicated. Not all teeth undergoing root canal treatment require antibiotics.

If you have been advised by your orthopedist, cardiologist, or primary care doctor to take antibiotics prior to dental appointments, please contact our office prior to your scheduled visit to ensure we are aware of the condition. We can prescribe the appropriate pre-medication if needed.

If you have already been given an antibiotic by your dentist or other doctor, your Endodontist at the Root Canal Center of Naples will make the appropriate recommendations regarding continued use of this medication. Until you are seen in our office, please take the medications prescribed to you as directed.

Are any forms of sedation available?2020-04-30T03:54:16-04:00

Both nitrous oxide and oral sedation are available, upon request and proper evaluation. In order to ensure that administration of such agents is safe and appropriate for you, we may need to either see you for an evaluation or consult your primary care doctor before scheduling you for treatment. Please contact us with any further questions at (239) 262-2677.

Do I need to go back to my dentist after having a root canal?2020-02-25T19:47:03-05:00

Unless otherwise discussed with you by your doctor at the Root Canal Center of Naples, you typically are required to return to your dentist following treatment in our office. Our specialists are trained to treat infection or pain in your tooth, but it is typically your dentist who specializes in the restoration of your tooth to full form and function. We will give you the appropriate recommendations at your consultation.

How long should I wait before returning to my dentist?2020-02-25T19:47:25-05:00

Each tooth and every situation are a little different. Following your evaluation and consultation, your specialists at the Root Canal Center of Naples will give you a recommendation regarding the timing of the next steps.

Do you treat children?2023-06-28T04:50:29-04:00

We treat both children and adults! In our experience, it is typically best for children ten years of age and younger to be evaluated on a case by case basis, as some may require a referral to a hospital-based setting or a pediatric specialist for the highest quality outcome.

Do you accept dental insurance?2021-12-28T14:25:27-05:00

Yes! We are partnered with a number of local and national dental insurance providers. We are currently contracted with Cigna, Delta Dental, and Dentemax. For more information, please see our Financial and Insurance Information.

“I’m from out of town but I developed a tooth ache while visiting. What should I do?”2020-02-25T19:51:47-05:00

Please contact our office at (239) 262-2677 for further guidance. We are happy to see our visiting guests to help address your pain or infection. If you are here for a short period of time, we can offer simple treatments to get you comfortable until your can return to your dentist at home. If you are here for an extended visit but do not have a local dentist, we can treat your issue and refer you to one of a number of our expert, trusted local dental partners to address any remaining issues you may have.

What types of treatment are performed at the Root Canal Center of Naples?2020-05-18T09:48:21-04:00

We offer a number of therapies, including:

  1. Root Canal Treatments
  2. Root Canal Re-treatments
  3. Surgical Root Canal Treatments (Apicoectomy)
  4. Treatment of Resorption
  5. Treatment of Cracked Teeth
  6. Internal Tooth Whitening
  7. Removal of Posts
  8. Treatment of Traumatized or Avulsed Teeth
  9. Removal of Fractured Implant Screws
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