Typically, teeth which have had a root canal treatment can feel and function as well as any other tooth in your mouth. With proper restoration and care, root canal treated teeth can last a lifetime. Yet there are situations in which a tooth that has had a root canal can become re-infected or can start to cause you discomfort or pain. If this occurs, your dentist may recommend a minimally invasive surgical repair of the root of a tooth, called an apicoectomy.

There are a number of reasons that your Endodontist may recommend an apicoectomy over a root canal retreatment. One reason may be because the tooth with the previous root canal may have extensive dental work on the top of it which prevents retreatment of the canal system from the ‘top down’. Another reason surgery may be indicated is due to the material with which the tooth was originally filled, as some materials cannot be removed. There are even certain conditions (such as resorption) which may only be able to be repaired surgically. Your Endodontist at the Root Canal Center of Naples will evaluate your tooth to determine the cause of the problem and will review with you the best treatment options.

While root canal surgery may sound frightening, it is performed painlessly and very often with little to no discomfort following the procedure. Using advanced imaging techniques and a dental operating microscope, very small and precise incisions can be made which enable quick healing and minimal post-treatment discomfort. Often a few sutures will be placed to facilitate proper healing, the care of which your Endodontist will review with you. You will typically be asked to return to the office a week following your treatment for a quick 15-minute re-evaluation make sure that everything is healing well. We understand that you may have additional questions regarding this procedure and would love to answer them for you. Please call us at (239) 262-2677 for additional information.