Root Resorption

What is Root Resorption?

Root Resorption is a process in which the body begins to break down and absorb the hard structure of the root of a tooth. This process is often completely painless, and may only be identified by your dentist on routine x-ray examination. This is a naturally occurring process in baby teeth that allows the roots of baby teeth to dissolve out of the way of the growing permanent teeth. However this condition can be problematic if it occurs in a permanent tooth.

Research as to the cause of resorption is still ongoing. We are not always able to determine exactly why some permanent teeth experience resorption while others do not. Treatment of resorptive lesions depends largely on the location of the resorption (internal or external), and on the extent of resorption at the time the condition is identified. Some resorptive lesions can be treated with a simple root canal treatment, while others may require surgical intervention. If your dentist has referred you to our office due to a suspected resorption, your specialist at the Root Canal Center of Naples will be able to review for you the ideal treatment options for your condition.