Why Choose an Endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists who have undergone 24 to 36 months of additional training (beyond what is taught in dental school) in the diagnosis and treatment of the root canal system of teeth. Because of this training, Endodontists are truly Specialists in Saving Teeth!

There are a number of reasons you should strongly consider having a specialist perform your root canal.

Firstly, Endodontists have the Experience to properly treat and address your condition. This experience can improve the likelihood of a successful outcome and can mean less pain and quicker healing.

Secondly, Endodontists have the training and instrumentation to Efficiently perform your treatment. Root canal therapy requires delicacy and precision, and because endodontists exclusively perform this treatment, they can do so with efficiency.

Thirdly, Endodontists have the most Advanced Technology. Dental operating microscopes, state of the art imaging systems, rotary instrumentation, and ultrasonic instrumentation allow Endodontists to perform root canal treatments conservatively and efficiently.